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3D printing pizza

No stranger to 3D printing technology as the most active areas now have its presence, even individuals can own a 3D printer at home and products can create extremely rich. Here a look at some products that have been in 3D at home:

Pizza is one of the products are made from 3D printing, are edible and quite delicious flavors.

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Show off your personality with self-designed cups

When you want to own these ceramic cups of heat resistance and bearing the stamp of you, the 3D printers can also help you implement such ideas. Some ceramic cups are in 3D and use every day will create more inspiration in your life

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Or you can also create your own plastic drinking cups full of personality:

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Uniquely creative jewelry at home

What could be more interesting when the 3D printers can help you “print” jewelry at home. For anyone who loves beauty pretty small items of silver, could be very interesting to be in the following form:

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3D printers are not much difficulty in the printing of these products

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Sophistication in every corner everything carefully trimmed through 3D printing system

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Wedding rings are probably not too far from who the “believers” of 3D printing

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Cradling the feet with shoes 3D

Also, you can try the 3D printer to make available the unique shoes like this:

With a book at home 3D printer, you can up the idea and created the unique products of their own. Why not try?

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