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Production of electronic circuit using 3D printing technology

Clearly, 3D printing technology has affirmed support role for human life in many aspects; in which scientists study tested how 3D printing conductive inks out for electronic devices.

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Tools for automotive assembly 

A company called Squink BotFactory developed a mobile factory boards created in minutes with very low cost; above your printer and your print job when you press it and the print and assemble your circuit in a few minutes to appear, they were confirmed as such when using this technology.

For some people, the 3D printing seems like a long way, but 3D printing is already part of everyday life at Opel: manufacturing and assembly tool by a 3D printer is an important part of the process manufacturing process. A team of engineers led by Sascha Holl in plastic tool in Rüsselsheim assembly used in the Opel factory in Europe. Cheaper and faster to produce, these tools are used in Eisenach for assembly of the new ADAM ROCKS ADAM and stability. And this is just the beginning – Opel experts predict the use of tools from a 3D printer will continue to grow. “In the future, more 3D assembly tools will be integrated into the production process,” said Sascha Holl

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For production of ADAM ROCKS, will be launched in September, the Eisenach automobile manufacturers use a specific mold assembly, fixed frame – made by a 3D printer to create the logo on the car name side window. And for windshields, can also be used in 3D to simplify the installation process and help ensure accuracy. Other tools from the printers used to cut steps on ADAM ROCKS chrome plate opening and installed on the roof fabric Swing standards. About 40 assists and assembly jigs are used in Eisenach.

Technical team in Rüsselsheim only to achieve the trick when it comes to the maximum size of the construction division. Using sophisticated technology to participate in a smaller number of factors, it may produce larger parts. For example, when developing a support assembly for side sills or rear spoiler of ADAM ROCKS.

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The small number of jigs required in previous assembly is done by hand in the construction process. Thanks to 3D printing, today’s production costs decreased by 90 percent. Additionally, the tool is ready for use after just eight hours, and up to 70 percent lighter weight. Another advantage is that the support can be processed mechanically and chemically. For example, they can be drilled, milled, polished, varnished and bonded, or connected and combined with different materials. Working tweaking can be done on a computer in minutes. “We can adapt the tools for each situation and assembly, as well as make them used to our colleagues on the line,” said Holl.

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Opel Insignia production and conversion Cascada also benefit from tools 3D printers, will be introduced gradually to assemble other Opel models. The new Corsa, Vivaro and Mokka, will begin rolling off the assembly line in Zaragoza later this year, will be one of the models built with the help of tools from a 3D printer.

3D technology can reduce plastic waste

The packaging, plastic waste in our daily life we ​​are disposed to the environment very much. Including many cigarettes adversely affect our environment. With 3D printing technology today, you can recycle the plastic in your family. Plastics processing is a technical problem, consumers have a strong influence on the choice of the plastic waste recycled or thrown in the trash. The choice of consumers about recycling plastic waste may be affected by their perception of the contribution to environmental protection. And the important thing is to make all consumers aware of the value of their recyclable waste.

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Future factory BFF create a recycling regime installed vinyl. The setting is a small intervention to begin recycling the tons of plastic are processed by the industry every day. It allows the consumer to 3D printing plastic products used as disposable drinking cups. With chopped and melted plastic waste plastic into 3D Printer, consumers can create their own products like create joy through the recycling of plastics.

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BFF aims to make recycled plastic achieved the standard for 3D printers. They are developing a 3D printer recycled fiber based on the same principle of “Perpetual plastic. They are carefully selected for safe waste streams, (eg from the car or refrigerator parts) and convert it into nylon fiber quality.

Enable 3D printers on the International Space Station

The collaboration between NASA and Made in Space, 3D printers debuted September 21 on SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket. It came on a space station supply ship Dragon.

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Astronaut Barry “Butch” Wilmore kicked 3D printer and put it safely in space station lab. “This experiment is a first step to facilitate future production materials and equipment in space instead of putting the device from the surface of the Earth, and will completely change the way in space exploration Our “Snyder said.

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Dunn said a joint study by the Made in Space and NASA concluded about 30 percent of the damaged parts on the space station can be repaired with parts in 3D. Tools, medical equipment, fitness equipment can also be made by a 3D printer.

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