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What is 3D printer?

From the source to boom: 3D Printing Technology

In the second half of the 20th century, when science fiction film Star Trek widely aired, the idea of 3D technology also has been inspired by that – using easily recycled materials and make the products product demand. Through several decades of development of science and technology, the concept of 3D technology has really lifted the curtain “fiction”, became popular and sought the attention of many investors in science and production industry worldwide.

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In particular, student group MIT in 1995 had built the first 3D printer products, plastic 3D geometry. This is a marked step realization of 3D printers and led to the introduction of the Z Corp 3D System and transfer the same year, the commercialization of 3D printers widely available in the market. Over the years, 3D printers have achieved striking progress in increasing the physical size and diversity 3D printing materials.

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What is 3D printing?

3D printing technology has offered many great promises for anyone who wishes to create products that allows printing of models, toys, daily use products, or other body parts or even entire homes. 3D printers can create anything; however, for those who are beginners and they need to get used to the 3D design software called CAD (Computer Aided Design) or other design softwares.

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3D printing technology is being used widely.

3D printing technology has allowed manufacturers to shorten time to create prototype during the study, can continuously modify designs and print them out, compare and evaluate the prototype before when put into mass production. Therefore, many of the major brands today as Apple, Google and Microsoft are both technological applications for projects in 3D product development strategy.

Besides that, 3D printer is also used widely in other industries such as medical, prosthetic devices for humans can be “printed” out without losing too much time and cost, transplant service quickly and efficiently. Feature creature form is also responding by researchers, design or education to create complex specimens. Moreover, recently, the NASA astronaut also use 3D printers to create tools to use outer space.

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However, the biggest expectation is that the popularity of 3D printing technology in households and workplaces of the individual. The user can create products to serve their own needs rather than buying them in the store. If this becomes a reality, 3D printing technology will certainly changed consumer habits and purchase of the majority of the market.

3D printing technology is blooming in the future

In general, 3D printing industry has two major market-segments. The first segment is the individual customers and businesses, and Shapeways is considered one of the most prominent companies. Since 2008, the company has opened the 3D printing service, check CAD files (computer aid design) from ordinary users send and print these designs using 3D printers. Besides that, the library on the company’s website contains millions of 3D models available to serve customers who do not have the ability to use 3D design software and can select the form, then putting an order for printing at Shapeways. With many different materials, from plastic, copper to gold, chocolate and in various sizes; rich in design, 3D printing has made really attractive and attract a lot of consumers’ interest.

The second segment is focused on commercializing 3D printers. In addition to 3D printers are produced for companies, large enterprises, some manufacturers have begun to focus on the potential of the desktops, targeting individual users and families. Some are leading brands in the market such as MakerBot, Formlabs and 3D System, 3D printer with a personal 3D printer at the price: 1,000 to 2.500 USD. They are considered as inexpensive models, however, in Vietnam, this price is still too high to select widely this type of product.

Therefore, 3DMAKER is established with the desire to be able to develop the 3D printing market in Vietnam, not only catching up the trend of the world, but also meet the demand of domestic consumers with price reasonable and best service quality.

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