This 3D-printer model is designed in industrial, modern and elegant shape to target the use of
individuals and families. 3DMAKER STARTER enables users to print the model up to the volume of
200mm x 180mm x 200mm. It will be the great power to implement you ideas in practice.

Price: 18.000.000 VND

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3DMaker STARTER – Desktop 3D Printer for Consumer

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3DMaker STARTER is the 3D-printer manufactured on the CNC technology the most precisely. The design to minimize vibration and impulsive system imported directly from Japan allow the printing speed at high rate but still ensure the best quality of printing. The printer cover is made from high-class coated steel elegantly and well-looking.

Perfect individual creativity

The commitment of prioritizing customer benefit at first, 3DMAKER JSC. offers the service of designing and producing 3D-printers on practical demand. With scientific research process and flexibility to adapt individual demand, we promise the satisfaction for customer from services provided.

Simplify manipulations

Allow users the connectivity through convenient USB in files of STL, OBJ and minimize downtime from figuring out ideas to printing true-to-life models; easy to use. The printing speed can reach 150mm/s, faster and more accurate.

Finest in every curve

In appearance of modern and portable size, 3DMaker STARTER enables user to set up at their workplace, be easy to follow the printing process and convenient to manipulate anywhere and anytime. The cover and metal framework of STARTER after being shaped by CNC and molded precisely is steel-coated to reach the optimization of smooth-to-the-touch and colorfast surface. Besides, coated steel cover keeps STARTER always as the new one, easy to clean during using.

Smoothing surface

3D Printers 3DMaker STARTER are designed diversification towards making prototypes for personal needs. 3D printed objects with smooth surface gives users good experiences. Besides that, with simple process controlling machine, 3DMaker STARTER will stimulate the creativity of the users.


3DMaker STARTER supports assemble and remove nozzles, nozzle size varied from 0.3, 0.4, 0.5 or 0.6mm, flexibly respond to the actual application needs of the users. 3D printing process using PLA plastic will enable user to flexible-to-manipulate and produce objects on demand in various applicable areas, especially printing alternative body parts or connector details in machine and devices because these filaments are relatively light, high melting point and long duration.


A full package of 3DMaker STARTER includes:

Full-box of 3D printer | 01 kg PLA filament (optional colors) | 01 USB 4GB | 01 filament holder | Installation and manual guide

| 3D-printer control software | Guide of installtion and usage | Warranty card issued by 3DMAKER | Plugin library to export 3D STL file | 3D design library


Model 3DMaker STARTER
Build volume 200mm (W) x 180mm (D) x 200mm (H)
Nozzle diameter 0.3mm, 0.4mm, 0.5mm, 0.6mm
Assisted nozzle No
Compatible filament PLA, Nylon, Flexible
Layer thickness 80 micron (0.08 mm)
USB connectivity Yes
LCD screen Yes
Touchscreen No
Highest printing speed 150mm/s
Optimal printing speed 60mm/s
Framework Alumium
Cover Metal
Supported file types STL, OBJ
3D File configuration software Cura, Slic3r, KISSlicer
3D graphic software Sketchup, Autocad 3D, 3D Studio Max, SolidWorks, Maya, Rhinoceros, …
Free filament 01 PLA 1 kg
Free USB 4GB
Body warranty 12 months
Mainboard warranty 12 months
Nozzle warranty 06 months
Exchange for new one No
Shipping in HCMC Free
Shipping outside HCMC Fee from 400.000 – 800.000 VND
Manufacturer 3DMaker Vietnam


ABS printing upgrade Not available
Ceramic printing upgrade Not available
Chocolate printing upgrade Not available
Dual nozzles upgrade Not available
Extend one-year warranty Available (+ 1.800.000 VND)

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