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3DMaker SLA GEM 2.0

Prototyping Jewelry Machine
Besides the function of prototyping many jewelry’s types,
SLA GEM also brings a breakthrough in prototyping jaw or teeth specimens

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SLA 3D Printer 3DMaker DLP GEM 2.0

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Máy in 3D SLA/DLP 3DMaker GEM 2.0


With our commitment of putting the benefit of customers in a top priority, 3DMAKER Joint Stock Company launches a SLA 3D printer which named 3DMaker SLA 3D printer GEM  in Vietnam market for prototyping small jewelry and specimens that requires the sophistication in each part. The real unprocessed products of SLA 3D printer / DLP 3D printer are as follow.

Khay nhẫn vòng in 3D resin WIC100 của Đức

DELICATE IN every detail

3DMaker SLA GEM 2.0 is a jewelry SLA 3D printer made in Vietnam that has the quality equal to any same-function-machine in the world. With this SLA 3D printer, the smoothness of each layer is almost absolutely reaching the desire of users.

The shell and frame of the machine are made from premium powder coated alloy which creates a solid and durable frame suitable for industrial environments and also brings modern and fashionable design.

Besides the function of prototyping many jewelry’s types, SLA 3D printer also brings a breakthrough in prototyping jaw or teeth specimens… with the most precise size. Its purpose is to support effectively in consultation before the aesthetic surgery.

Chi tiết sắc nét của máy in 3D Resin made in Việt Nam

3DMaker SLA GEM – SLA/DLP 3D Printer

SLA 3D printer 3DMaker GEM prints an object from a .STL file


Update our latest 3D SLA printed samples as well as the best-seller ones. Those are real samples of SLA 3D printer and to be implemented without processed by 3DMaker.


When buying this SLA 3D printer, you will receive:

01 new machine | 01 USB 4GB | Guidance Document | Set of cables

| 3D-printer control software | Guide of installtion and usage | Warranty card issued by 3DMAKER | Plugin library to export 3D STL file | 3D design library


Model 3DMaker SLA/DLP V1 (SLA/DLP 3D Printer for printing any objects)
3DMaker SLA/DLP GEM 2.0 (SLA/DLP 3D Printer for jewelry prototyping)
The maximum height > Other objects prototyping: 150mm
> Jewellry prototyping: 80mm
Printed size >Other objects: 116 x 65mm
>Jewellry: 80 x 45mm
Layer Resolution > Other objects prototyping: 35 – 100 micron (MISUMI ACTUATOR)
> Jewellry prototyping: 35 – 50 micron (MISUMI ACTUATOR)
Tolerance (mm) > Other objects prototyping: 0.05 – 0.1
> Jewellry prototyping: 0.04 – 0.06
Software: 3DMaker SLA Required: i3 – 8GB Ram – 2Gb Graphic, Win 7 64 bit with VGA and HDMI connectivity gates
Connectivity VGA, HDMI
Time of order 10-14 days
3DMaker SLA/DLP V1:  12 months warranty at door
3DMaker SLA/DLP GEM 2.0: 24 months warranty at door
Light Warranty 500 hours
Delivery Free ship
Giá bán Contact us: (+848) 3511 9973


Printed tank (PDMS covered) 9,000,000đ
Exchange PDMS cover 3,000,000đ (Change PDMS cover after using 3-4 liter Resin)

The price of equipment, accessories, materials and other information may change without notice.

Price does not include VAT and shipping costs.

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