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What is 3D printing technology? What is 3D printer? What are applications of this technology in routine life and other related areas?

3D printing technology is to print an object that we can touch and hold in hand. This technology bases on building single layers till the model is completed as 3D design. The whole process is carried out by 3D prototyping machine or 3D printer. In the world, there are now various types of 3D printing technologies such as:

Now, 3D printing technology is applied widely in many different areas such as: technical, health service, art, interior design, fashion design…

How a 3D printer of FDM works?

The 3D design is input compatible with 3D printer software, then all printing process will be automatically programmed, starting to analyze the model into thousands of layers with thickness from 0.1mm to 0.3mm. PLA filament nozzle will sketch layer-to-layer as that analysis and print them overlapped to complete the model.

How to print a complex object with plenty of curves on that?

Users need only to mark the support function in software and the computer will program following steps.

Are there any objects unable to print by 3D printer?

All objects with cover or outward border thicker than 0.8mm in any shapes can be built by 3D printer.

What is the layer resolution of a 3D printer?

Each layer is thicker than a normal photocopy paper.

If printing those models, does it cost much filament?

Users can adjust the void ratio inside the model. The software of 3D printer will structure the cell-type inside the model to strengthen the hardness and save filament the most.

Which is the level of heat resistance and hardness of PLA filament?

PLA is melted as semi liquid in the temperature from 190°C to 210°C. After the model is complete, PLA will be unchanged in shape and hardness in the environment of 10°C to75°C. The hardness of PLA can adapt requirements of normal usage. For examples, if using PLA filament to print a chair, user can stand on it normally.

Why is 3D printing technology important and necessary?

3D printing technology can produce objects with the highest accurate to details, cost-efficient and save time of molding. One important thing is that this technology is seen as a breakthrough in medical area: producing stub, leg, hand and cellar tissue the most accurately. Understanding and catching the tendency as well as the important role of 3D printing technology toward the future, 3DMAKER JSC., is proud of the leading company in researching and manufacturing 3D printer in Vietnam.

What products and services does 3DMAKER offer?

3DMAKER specializes in offering 3D printers to individuals and entrepreneurs as well as 3D materials (PLA filament, ABS filament, Flexible, Nylon…), full package of assembling 3D print, 3D design and print service. On the other hand, 3DMAKER also provides service of customizing 3D printer on customer demand. Please contact out business department by the number (+84) 90 308 9185 for more details.

Is 3DMAKER the manufacturer or the distributor/retailer of other brands?

3DMAKER is the company specializing in research, manufacture and distribution for 3D printer recognized as Vietnamese brand.

Compare differences in technical specifications of 3D printers manufactured by 3DMAKER.

The table below shows the comparison between 3D printers for customer references:

Please contact out business department by hotline(+84) 90 308 9185 for free consultancy about 3D printers suitable for customer conditions and usage requirements in practice.

Why should you choose and purchase 3D printer and services at 3DMAKER?

In comparison with other companies, we produce the differentiations and those are the competitive advantages of 3DMAKER:

For more information and details of 3D printers as well as promotion policies, discount programs, customers are advised to visit visually in our showroom at the address 618/A31-32 Xo Viet Nghe Tinh St., Ward 25, Binh Thanh Dist., HCMCor visit directly the website

What are policies of order, deliver, payment, shipping and return released by 3DMAKER?

At 3DMAKER, customers easily see and maker order on the website. We will contact customers within 24 working hours to confirm the order and complete following procedure needed. All 3D printers are support to deliver nationwide in accordance with shipping policy and customer can make payment directly at the office or by bank transfer.

What are prices of 3D printers from 3DMAKER? If purchasing the large quantities of 3D printers, are there any special discount policies?

There is a price for each model but in general the price is reasonable in comparison with others imported with equivalent quality from foreign. 3DMAKER have special discount policies for customers purchasing the large quantities of 3D printers.

Are there any promotion campaigns or discount programs available? If available, what channels release these information?

3DMAKER always carries out promotion campaigns such as gifting vouchers or discount programs in special occasions when customers purchase 3D printers at 3DMAKER. Such these information will be released on the website, official fanpage and on other media channels.

Where can customer see 3D printers in practice before purchasing?

Customers can visit the showroom of 3DMAKER at the address 618/A31-32 Xo Viet Nghe Tinh St., Ward 25, Binh Thanh Dist., HCMC to see 3D printers directly and plenty of 3D models printed here.
For other inquiries, customers are advised to send mail to or contact directly via hotline (+84) 90 308 9185 to get the answers.

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